EPW offers over 500+ lighting options including Uplighting for walls! We deliver, ship as well as offer staff to help set up and run your event as well!

Uplighting Done Easy:

Step 1. Choose your light: We offer two types of uplights. L.E.D Cans and L.E.D. Bars/Bricks.

  • Led Cans offer a narrow bright punch that will often travel longer distances than a LED Bar. These fixtures are great to use when your venue has high ceilings or you are looking to obtain a narrow bean pattern on a wall.
  • LED Bars/Bricks are most commonly used to light a head table back drop or a continuous wall without light breaks. Because the beam pattern in so wide it does not usually reach the heights a LED Can would.

Step 2. Choose battery powered (Self sufficient) or AC powered (Wall Plug in)

Step 3. Choose Your Color: Our LED fixtures offer RGB color mixing. What this means is we can pull any variation of color from Red, Blue or Green as well as mixing these three colors together. Thousands of color variations are available. Our fixture also offer additional on board modes such as strobe, automatic color scrolling and audio activation modes for additional flexibility. With the use of a controller we can change the color throughout the event based on mood or preference.

Step 4. Call us at 1-866-626-6920 and speak with a friendly EPW representative or log onto www.EventProRental.com and place your order online.

Step 5. Enjoy your selections that we promptly deliver or ship and set up at your event.