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California’s Professional School Dance Disc Jockeys (DJs)

Frequently Asked QuestionsCheck out our top answers to your most common.

Q:  We’re on a limited budget, how can we afford a professional?

This comes down to ticket prices. Students are used to paying up to $8 for a movie ticket not including candy, popcorn, and drinks. A simple fast food value meal is around $3-5. Our recommendation is to set your dance tickets between $5-8 per student to help defray the cost of the dj, decorations, refreshments, etc. If only 100 students attend the dance, that provides you with $500 in operating expenditures.

Q:  A big concern of ours is lyrics. How can we be sure you won’t play explicit music at our dance?
We’re concerned about music too! We invest in a music library that not only sends us the music when the music hits the radio stations, but provides us with the radio edits as well. Some radio edits still contain some content that might not be appropriate for your audience. This is all covered in your consultation with our experienced djs.

Q:  We require our DJs to have liability insurance. Are you covered?
Absolutely!! It’s not fair to our customers for us NOT to be.

Q:  At previous dances, we have had students mosh, stage-dive, bump & grind, and slam dance. What do you do to stop this activity?
Naturally, we want all of our guests to have a safe dance atmosphere. We try to stay away from many songs we know will generate this response, but students will find a way. If dancing becomes dangerous, we warn the students on the microphone and will cease that music selection if it continues. In addition to choosing the music for the dance, your DJ will likely control the lighting as well. We advise strategically placing chaperons or faculty near the dance floor to help keep an eye out for the safety of the students.

Q:  We once had a DJ that didn’t show up and all the students were left in the gym until their parents showed up. How can we be sure this won’t happen?
You probably didn’t get a signed agreement with your DJ. This is the industry standard and provides insurance you will have a disc jockey for your school dance. Lower-priced and hobbyist-type DJs sometimes do this and then take a higher-priced job when it comes in while leaving you without a DJ. We have never missed a contracted job and network with other DJs in case a DJ ever gets sick.

Q:  How much are your services?
Different levels have different demands. A small elementary school dance won’t require as much equipment as a high school prom with over 800 students. For this reason, we have separate packages for all levels. Consult the other pages here for more information and call 559-307-6294 for a price quote or free consultation.

Q:  Sounds great! How can I get a contract and secure your services?
You may visit our booking page and complete the necessary information and we’ll promptly send out a contract via fax or US mail. If you have more questions or would like to request a contract by phone, please call us at 866-695-0069. A 50% reservation fee is due to secure our services. Of course, this will all be explained to you in detail.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with questions! We look forward to making your next dance a success

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