Below is a list of the professional services that a Bulldog Event Group DJ’s provide at a wedding reception and the average cost of each item if purchased separately. In comparison, it’s easy to see The Bulldog Event Group is a great value!
Personalized Pre-Event Planning
We go over all the details ahead of time (timelines, customs and traditions, introductions, special dances, music requests, etc…)
Professional On-Site Wedding Coordinator
We work with you and your other wedding professionals (photographer, videographer, caterer, etc..) the day of the reception to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. This means you can relax and enjoy your special day!

*We’ve actually had a local wedding coordinator come up to us at the beginning of a reception and say, “Oh, good it’s you! I can go home and relax, now that you’re here”.
Professional Master of Ceremonies
Public speaking is the #1 fear in America, so it’s essential to have a professional Master of Ceremonies that can make all of the formal announcements and keep the guests informed of special events.
Professional Entertainer
 Bulldog Entertainment DJs are experienced Entertainers and know how to make an event unforgettably fun!
Music Library
Since no one rents out music libraries (due to licensing issues), this means that you would actually have to purchase all of the music that would be played. For an average four-hour event, you would need approximately 50-60 songs. Even if you only had to purchase 30 CDs (assuming you were able to use a couple songs per CD) at an incredible sale price of $10 each (the average is $16-$18), this would still cost a minimum of $300.

*We actually bring over 15,000 digital songs to ensure that we have just the right music for you and your guests.
Music Programmer
Bulldog Event Group DJs are experienced Music Programmers. They are not only knowledgeable about all types of music, but know what songs to play and the proper times to play them. This is essential for the success of any event.
Audio Engineer
As Audio Engineers, our DJs are required to understand the complexities of a professional sound system. They also have to be able to troubleshoot any situations that may arise so that the sound is consistently perfect throughout the event. ($75 an hour)
Equipment Rental
Rental of a top-notch professional sound system including wireless microphone.
Equipment Handlers / Roadies
A professional equipment handler (roadie) is required to transport, set-up, test and break down the equipment.
(Union scale: $25 an hour.)
Total Value of a Bulldog Professional Wedding DJ $3750