Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Billing Information


Agreement: This agreement is entered by the above-named client and Munro Enterprises, LLC. Client acknowledges that the name printed above is the name as it reads on the credit card, and the signature below is the authorizing signature for this credit card. Client authorizes Munro Enterprises, LLC. to charge the above credit card for all security deposit(s) and charges resulting from Rental Contract. Client must either sign for all equipment or list users below who can sign on Client’s behalf. Client’s (or authorized users) signature or Rental Contract is acknowledgment for the receipt of all equipment and services stated. Client agrees to abide by Munro Enterprises, LLC. rental Terms & Conditions and agrees to pay all fees stated (including charges resulting from, but not limited to, lost or damaged equipment and additional use charges). A one (1) day rental will be charged if cancellation notice is not received one (1) week prior to event date regardless of equipment delivery.